it starts.

We live in a place that gets crazy, stupid hot in the summer. You all know that…desert = heat. We have made use of the kiddy pools in the past but with burgeoning swimmers we needed something more. Last summer we sprang for (had sprung for? did spring for? My grammar fails me) a 14′ above ground pool. Best summer purchase ever. We learned a few things about pools, especially those of the non-cement variety. For example, they don’t like rocks. A new liner will be budgeted in for next summer because of the bajillion little pin pricks that are causing mild hemorrhaging. This year we wised up and set up the pool on the concrete slab. Also we learned that pools smell like chlorine for a reason. You need a freaking truck load of the stuff to keep your pool from turning into a swamp. Neil is on it this year and so far so good. Turns out talking to pool guys in a pool store can be really useful, no green muck for us! Swimming has been happening for almost a month now. I’m a mean mother and made the kids (and husband) wait until after we got back from Ohio. Naomi is starting swim lessons today, Layna loves her floating boat thing (pictures to come), and I am happy to report that Corra has carried on with the uber brown baby tradition. Sunscreen is still used at our house but not totally necessary. Of course Naomi is already putting my teenage sisters to shame in the tan department. They love that.

IMG_20140517_083353   IMG_20140517_083659

IMG_20140517_083800   IMG_20140517_084407

IMG_20140517_091147   IMG_20140517_091352

IMG_20140517_123541   IMG_20140517_123547

Having a pool that we can actually swim in is glorious. However, there is something magical about those first few ice cold inches of water. Babies can crawl around, big kids can slide and fall down and be goofy, and it marks the start of a pretty great season. Happy summer to all!


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