Balance in the Universe.

Pretty ostentatious title for a post about swim lessons, huh?

First children seem to get the short end of the stick of life. They are pressed into service at an early age to be “Mommy’s Helper” as soon as another kid comes to steal their stuff and mom and dad’s time. Not to mention that said mom and dad have no idea what they are doing with the first. However, there is balance in the universe.

When Little Man was a baby, not even turned 1 yet, we went swimming all the time. The kid never wore floaties because I was there every step of the way to teach him to swim. He is a pretty strong swimmer thanks to those 2 solid summers of my undivided attention at the pool. Naomi is not so lucky. While I figured out a few things that made her babyhood better (nursing…coughcough…), she didn’t get the same swim time. So this summer I figured it was time for actual lessons. I need her to be independent in the pool as I have two more baby fish to keep track of, and she was so ready. Quickly I ran to Facebook, because that’s what you do when you need help raising your children. It was there I found out that my lovely cousin had taught swim extensively (and is a nurse and a trained lifeguard, Score!) and would be willing to work with Naomi.

IMG_20140612_151626   IMG_20140605_153502

IMG_20140605_153551   IMG_20140612_151841

Kicking practice, “Dead Girl Float,” photo bombing big brother, and more kicking practice. She has improved so much and it was great to have her working hard for someone else. I don’t think I could have pushed her like my cousin did, but it was exactly what Little Girl needed. She is not totally an  independent swimmer, but will be by the end of the summer. Her confidence is so high, “Swimmer” is in the Things I Want to be When I Grow Up rotation. It’s right up there with “Engine Painter.” (I’ll explain later.)

IMG_20140612_153118  IMG_20140612_153114

These monkeys even got to tag along occasionally.


Swimming with babies is one of the few things that makes summers bearable in the desert. Stay cool and hydrated my friends!

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