Galooning we will go!

I think it was Naomi who first called it the Galoon. Like every good mom I fully intend to teach my little girls to call it that also, to preserve some of that awesomeness. I know I’ve raved about this place before (because it deserves it) but this last time we went it occurred to me how lucky we are to have it as an option. I’m grateful.

It’s in a somewhat exclusive neighborhood, so it’s never busy…going on Tuesdays and not Saturdays does help with that. There is a lot of money to dedicate to it’s upkeep, so it is always very well taken care of and beautiful. I can’t think of anywhere else where I could bring all four of my munchkins and have such a stress free swim environment. Sigh…it’s bliss.

KIMG0005  KIMG0009

I don’t share my watermelon. Ok. Maybe.

KIMG0006  KIMG0028

Because everything tastes better half covered in sand. Also, point of interest. Baby cover-ups are brilliant because when we are ready to leave I just put them in a diaper and cover-up and when she falls asleep on the way home, she is good to go straight into bed for a long, and glorious nap.

KIMG0017  KIMG0030

She loves water and people (mostly complete strangers) and posing and the Galoon and swimming, and My Little Ponies, and and and…someday I hope to keep up with this one.

KIMG0014   KIMG0032

I hated goggles as a kid, but no matter how much I try to pass on that sentiment with comments like, “goggles really never work well,” “Yeah I thought they might hurt your head…a lot…” and “let’s just find yours from last year” both my swimming age kids love them. So weird.

I love his Mohawk. It’s not pictured in it’s full gelled-up glory but I love it. And I love how much he loves it.

Happy Summering! and Independence Day recap will be forth coming…haha…get it? Fourth?



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