The Peterson Automotive Museum

[Over the Summer Little Man got to go spend a few days with my Dad in California. They got to do some pretty cool stuff, like visit a car museum that I loved when I was a kid. Garyn took our camera and had his first taste of photography. He’d like to share some pictures and his thoughts on this awesome place.]

The Peterson Automotive Museum by Garyn McGuire


This car broke the speed of sound and it was my favorite car at the museum (it was in the parking garage!). The cockpit on this car is off centered to make room for the jet engine. It was amazing that it broke the speed of sound and I wonder what it looked like when it did that. This car wasn’t the only cool looking car…


This small model was of a solar powered car. The solar panels are actually on the big curve over the top of the rear of the car. I think it would be a great car for Las Vegas because we have lots of sun to fuel it here in the desert. Driving this car would make me feel important, with all the people waving and pointing at my spaceship-looking solar car.


I was surprised to see that the museum had a model of “Herbie, the Love Bug.” I’m not sure if it was the real thing or a model, but I’m guessing a model. Herbie was the main character in a movie that I like a lot. He seemed to have a personality of his own, especially when he was racing! Here’s another race car that also got banged up in a serious crash just like Herbie…


I could tell just by glancing at this car, that it had been part of a huge chase and crash. The front of it was obliterated! As you can tell from the name, it must have been driven pretty fast. I would love to drive a car super fast…but I’d have to be careful of sudden turns! Not all the cars there went really fast though.


I was guessing from when I first looked at this car, that it’s outer housing was taken off. But then I wondered if it was meant to be this way. What I liked most about this one, was that it was skeletal and you could see it’s whole engine. IMG_8598
Here is an engine from another car. I think it’s cool and I’m guessing that the orange swirls are the spark plugs. I liked taking pictures of all the machine parts and the pictures can help me decipher how they all work.


I really like this picture because it shows license plates from all over the world. The red one on the left looks like Arabic. I’m glad my grandpa took me to see all these awesome cars!


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