Have you ever done nothing? No, I mean on purpose, intentionally, and deliberately done nothing? If you move through life at the same pace I generally do, I highly recommend doing nothing for an entire day.


My grandparents have a time share that needed to be used this summer and they graciously offered to let us use it. Not only that but they also offered to baby sit our four monkeys for two whole nights to make our stay-cation a true relaxing experience. My mom helped with bedtime and we were set. This meant that there was one whole day in which I didn’t have to do anything. Now let me clarify. When I say “do nothing” I mean that there were no external pressures dictating my choice of how to spend a given minute. At home I have animals that must be fed, kids that must be taken off the kitchen counter and out of eggs, and floors that demand to be vacuumed. Not so on this stay-cation. I didn’t even bring a book to read as I didn’t want to be guilted into anything, just in case I didn’t feel like reading. I napped for four hours over the course of the day. I swam (this may not seem deserving of italics, but since becoming a mother 8 years ago I never swim so much as I facilitate baby swimming. The realization hit me that I am a pathetic swimmer). My husband and I talked. A lot. Without interruption.

KIMG0349 KIMG0350

For the record, selfies in a hammock totally count as doing nothing.


Basically, this break from reality was the perfect birthday-start-of-the-year-regain-my-control sort of a present. The timing couldn’t have been more welcome and with two solid nights of good sleep (sans cats and waking babies) I returned to life ready to conquer the world and the ants that have since reinvaded my kitchen.

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