No longer…

…does my beautiful fourth child look like Mr. Bates from “Downton Abby.” She did for a while and I’m a seasoned enough mother to know that all newborns look really weird for about 2 weeks.

IMG_6793 IMG_6811

Well. This little snookum turned one last week and I don’t feel like the time just flew by because we had a whole lot of life lived in that year. Good: A Rapunzel party, first words, a baptism. Bad: 187 smashed eggs all over the property, poop finger-painting, screams that split the ear drums. Ugly: Post partum depression, ant invasions, this song that my husband thinks is hilarious when he gets it stuck in my head. Anyways. It’s been a unique year that I would add to my list of top 10 favorites.

IMG_8821 IMG_8832

My childrens’ first birthday cakes have become a running gag in my family. I am the Queen of the Health Fad and unfortuneatly for my kids they don’t get normal cakes as a result. Little man had an all raw cheese cake, because we were eating raw. Nay had vegan cupcakes because we were vegan. Layna had homemade wheat flour cupcakes because I was between fads but still am a crunchy granola mamma and Corra got a GAPS compliant no-bake cheese cake. In my defense, my children have never complained and I thought all the cakes tasted fabulous. All the girls also had flowers so check one more for Tradition! Tradition! [you sang that like Tevye right? Good.]

Corra took a minute to sort out why everyone was staring at her and smiling. It happens a lot but without the sense of anticipation. She got a taste and gathered steam in no time.

IMG_8852 KIMG0363

Presents and, yes, they have all been successfully commandeered by her older sisters.

IMG_8884 IMG_8873

She got a new pair of squeaky shoes, which sound like they would be totally “chew your ears off” annoying. They grow on you, and are so stinkin cute. My mom made her that dress, thus making this my favorite outfit for her, ever.


So we’ve come along way. This face. Those eyes. These rolls of chub. I wish I had the right words to gush about her because I love her something fierce. She brings brightness to my life that I didn’t know I needed. Funny how kids fill holes you didn’t know were there. Happy sigh for babies and motherhood. (And no I didn’t paint my fridge teal. My camera just has a weird sense of humor…)

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