Right now…

in this moment, I am content. <—-My new mantra. It’s an unlikely choice of phrases to describe my current mental state given the last few days I’ve had. Also there are no pictures for this post because 1) I’ve been using “no pictures” as an excuse to not write 2) I didn’t really want to include pictures of the events I will be discussing. [launching random babble post in 3…2…1…]

Here’s a brief overview of the last few days in no particular order. Layna handed me a handful of poop before peeing in her potty (yay!) and having her feet slip out from under her on her way to put said pee in the big potty. When I got there she was screaming with pee dripping down her face and everything soaked up to the opposite wall. We went mini golfing at the Springs Preserve. When I was helping Naomi hold her real heavy metal club and showing her how to swing, she missed the part about the club staying at most 6 inches from the ground. I caught the top of her swing with my eyebrow and can’t really open my eye much. Layna demanded to do reading flash cards and sound cards and made more sounds than I’ve ever heard her make. Her speech therapist says she is doing great. Naomi did an entire math workbook because she wanted to and there was noticeable improvement in how well she is writing. She informed me that not only does she love math but she wants to be a math teacher (in addition to swimmer, ballerina, engine painter, and writer). Oh and then she started reading. All by herself, with nothing from me. Not full out independent reader, but she’s getting there. Layna continues to terrorize Corra (think horsey rides only Corra can not and does not want to be the horsey). Layna had a party with a dry erase marker and her legs and my carpet. Garyn is brilliant and he makes me laugh and want to scream when he can’t hear me because he’s reading. Also Legos…I hate them and I love them. Corra likes to bite me and giggle. She is also signing, walking, and has a serious thing for being outside (think loud demanding noises while pointing to any window and huge smiles when we go outside). There is more but the idea is that it’s been the best of times and the worst of times and quite honestly, I’m shocked that I feel so content and peaceful about life in general.

I’m steal dealing with stuff. And in the not too distant past I sent my husband off to work through tears. But I’ve made an effort to slow down and be in the present moment. It’s amazing what you find there. Here? Whatever. I’ve found my kids being very interesting little humans in miniature. I’ve found out that I’m allowed to wear my favorite skirt two days in a row for no other reason than I love it and it makes me happy. Before it was reserved for special occasions or church. Well right now is a special occasion, so there! I’ve found out that my husband makes me laugh really hard and his birthday card to me made me cry. I hear silverware being dropped on the kitchen floor, so i’m going to go now but yeah life is weird. And right now in this moment, I am content.

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