5 going on…something…older…dang…

I was going to say something like “5 going on 15” but that didn’t fit. Well, sometimes it does, but sometimes it’s more like “5 going on 53” and sometimes it’s “5 going on 2-1/2.” So I give up on that cutesy opening. My second born turned five and it’s hard to sum up her and where she is at. With an incredible knack for driving her brother (and me) up the wall and a screech that can make dog ears bleed, sometimes I want to put her up for sale (as I sit here typing, she is poking me through the back of the chair with her toes saying “oh it’s a big storm! run!” over and over again). Other times she just makes me laugh when I get a glimpse of what goes through her head (eaves dropping on her make-believe games is often the highlight of my day). Naomi is perfectly content to be in her head, in her own world. For awhile that worried me a bit. Now as she’s gotten older and has a great time running around with other little princesses discussing the finer points of Queen Scarf wearing (it’s a delicate art), there doesn’t seem to be a reason to worry. She will be brilliant through all life’s lonely times and she will shine when she is surrounded by people. She will negotiate even the most hard-nosed hagglers to death and then she will turn around and be super generous. I’m not worried about this one anymore.

Layna is lucky to have her, because Naomi will never let her get away with being disabled. Nay will push Layna (and pull and drag I’m sure) to the limits of her ability and they both will be better for it. Garyn has become an expert on all things “My Little Pony” and they have some riveting debates on finer points of the canon. Again, highlights of my day. He will learn to treat girls well because she demands it and he will learn to be wary because she is pure evil at times. Corra will learn to appreciate being smothered by love all day, everyday. I’m not sure why that will be useful, but maybe? Little girl has pushed me as a mother in ways my sweet son never did and, Dude! we are only 5 years in!


Luckily, she has simple and decided tastes.  This is the exact cake she wanted and I was happy to oblige.

KIMG0384   KIMG0395

KIMG0405   KIMG0392

See these light-up Rapunzel mini-heels? They are awesome.  Not even because they light up, although that is kind of cool too…No they are awesome because Garyn picked them out on a solo trip to the toy section and paid for them all by himself. He was so proud. Also Naomi has decided to Rapunzel again for Halloween so she can be allowed to wear these shoes out of the house! Which means the dress will get even more use and I only have to make 3 costumes this year! Fingers crossed that this stays the plan.

KIMG0404   KIMG0413

Because tags and packaging can’t detract from the glory of a Princess Bike helmet. Her bike’s name is “Lil Gem,” in case you were wondering. I didn’t think there was anything on the planet that could help Naomi toughen up and not scream when she even got remotely scraped up. Oh no, this bike has done it. She currently has two scabbed up knees and didn’t even tell me about either one even though they both bled. It’s a big deal.

Here’s to another year of pink (and blue because that’s her second favorite color) and screeching and huge bear hugs and her surprising me everyday with how great she is.

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