Joys of motherhood

Sorry it’s been two weeks again. I actually wrote a big, long, serious post about why I don’t vaccinate my kids and that would have kept me in my once a week schedule. But in the interest of learning from past mistakes, I decided to not post it right away and after much thought and reflection decided not to post it at all. If you are interested in my thoughts on the matter, I’d be happy to share. However, I’ve realized that there are many times I regret stuff I’ve said (or typed) but I’ve never regretted being silent. Glad we had this talk…On to joy and happiness and unicorns in the form of kid Halloween costumes!

I love Halloween and the vast majority of that love comes from the immense satisfaction I get from pulling off cool/cute costumes for my kids. Yes, I am totally bragging here. Last year was the epic Rapunzel dress, and luckily Little girl was not jumping on the Frozen bandwagon (pretty sure an “Elsa” dress would have killed me). This year’s costumes were simple and I am taking advantage of paired costumes for my littlest girls until they are old enough to argue. I’m thinking I’ve got a good, solid 3 years to choose what I want them to be.

KIMG0472   KIMG0473

Little Man definitely chooses his own costumes these days. Often 4-5 months in advance as was the case this year, and he sticks to it. He wanted to be “Matthias,” a monk turned warrior mouse from the Redwall series of novels. It was easy to make the habit, I just modified a basic “Ren Faire” shirt pattern I got off the internet years ago. We dug the leather belt out of the dress up bin, found a sword at Savers and we were set.

KIMG0464   KIMG0466

First she was going to be MossFlower, a girl mouse from the Redwall series. Then when I was going through patterns she saw a Mermaid and wanted that. Then she saw Fairies and I mentioned that I had wings from her second Halloween (when she was a fairy) and she was sold. I was just excited that I got to use up all the left over Rapunzel material. Unfortunately, I wasn’t super careful about measuring so this rad fairy skirt will fit her perfectly in about two years. Sigh.

KIMG0458   KIMG0455

Little Bo Peep heard you have a sheep problem? She’ll handle that.

KIMG0449   KIMG0452

What problem? The picture of her stubby little tail was blurry, but it’s probably better this way. You might have passed out from adorableness overload and we can’t have that now.


She really does love her little sheep.

I am really pleased with how the impromptu Bo Peep apron turned out. And I might have to make another headband with horns so that Corra can be a satyr baby. Because that would be the most awesome thing ever!  [Funny aside about her costume: So I’ve never had to stop sewing and detach the foot because it got so tangled in the material it wouldn’t sew. That fake fur stuff is beastly to work with! I was explaining all this to my husband who then told me how I could have done it to avoid that problem completely (it really was a brilliantly simple solution). At which point I maturely whined at him for being at work making money to support my hobbies when I needed him home to save me from sewing that stupid stuff all wrong. The nerve, right?]

This year we are going to our church’s festivities but I’m sad that it was planned for Halloween night. I get why and everything, but I still love taking the kids Trick or Treating for real. For me the point of Halloween is not candy acquisition. It’s running around in the dark with spooky stuff all around talking to random strangers. I can buy them candy all year long, but I can’t recreate the above…the thrill, the out of the ordinary, the fun. Oh well. Friday night I’ll remind myself that we’ve got lots of Halloweens ahead and I’ll go raid their candy bags for any and all Twixes. Because for all my lofty ideals…candy is candy and Twixes are the best.



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