Have you ever had an entire conversation in just questions? Just because you could? Don’t you think some phases in life are just better expressed in questions because answers are few and fleeting?

But WHY did you drop all the contents of my wallet behind the couch and be so busily distracting that I didn’t notice until we were at the gas station? Is it so difficult to remember that “helping” your sister when she empathically does not want help, is not very helpful? How did I never fully appreciate the awesomeness of fat baby legs in jeans? I have no idea how to make a mob trap in Minecraft, can we ask your Dad? What is that all over your face? Why with the eggs, again!?

Did you get completely blindsided by the holidays too? Do you stare at the second half of this month like a deer about to get hit by a truck full of pre-lit, flocked Christmas trees? If you had to go, wouldn’t that make for an epic death story? How do babies manage to shift the perspective from “Holy Crap! Your homemade doll from Santa’s Elves looks terrible so I have to completely start over and not screw it up this time” to “Sparkly lights! Mom, Can we walk under the water jets? I love this place! Life is awesome!”?

What did I do to be so lucky? Can I share some holiday cheer with you, because the magical kid perspective is really all that matters at this point?

DSCN0181 DSCN0187


DSCN0174  DSCN0173

DSCN0180  DSCN0184





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