10 years ago…

my now husband came up to spend the weekend with us and he asked my parents if he could marry me. We were at the same cabin, same resort, for the same holiday this past weekend.

engagement DSCN0350

So ten years has brought us short/receding hair, four kids, a farm, and most importantly…I’ve given up my penchant for tight hemp chokers. Whew! That’s progress, man!

I grew up with my Grandpa’s cousin’s cabin, tucked up above the Sundance Ski Resort (also think Sundance Film Festival), as being this supremely magical place. And I know I use the term magical casually, but this place is almost my definition of magical, especially to a 5-8 year old. There is a ship’s window (round with big brass fittings) in the wall, real spears and other exotic weapons, a whole cabinet full of antique locks and keys, but that doesn’t even scratch the surface. My “uncle” (much easier than typing out the actual relationship) traveled as a political science professor for BYU. He spent a lot of time in China (did I mention the artillery shell that was almost taller that Naomi in the kitchen?), and as a result of their travels the Cabin is filled with the coolest treasures ever. There is a hidden loft and a fairy bathtub (the bathroom is high enough that it could be entirely surrounded by windows and not be a privacy issue, so it’s like taking a bath in a tree). We saw Stellar’s Jays and Black Capped Chickadees. We played in snow, ate good food, and watched Christmas movies. It was everything I wanted and a lovely way to reflect on gratitude.

DSCN0337   DSCN0339

He’s a fish most of the time and a monkey the rest of it. But we discovered his latent abominable snowman on this trip.

DSCN0304   DSCN0403

Her great grandparents are way nicer than her mother…especially the Grandpa guy.

DSCN0223   DSCN0343

I know all mother’s think their daughters are the most beautiful beings to ever drop on to the planet…and this girl…wow, I think she’s pretty.

DSCN0331   DSCN0262

Of course this one hated all the love and attention that was showered, nay lathered on her the whole weekend. See that smile? She is being stoic and tolerating it for the benefit of her aunts. Corra is thoughtful that way.

DSCN0228   DSCN0242

Oh and the wood burning fire place? Yeah, that’s instant ambiance right there.


Gratuitous artsy picture because I’m in love with my camera.


At least 2/3 of us are looking at the camera. I hope you had a great time doing whatever it is you do on Thanksgiving. I did. Oh and aebleskivers happened, and there was much rejoicing! What are those you ask? Only a culinary delight so fantastic they warrant their own post!   …stay tuned…


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