Magic happened.

We did it. We went to this place. And it was magical.

I’d like to share that I only have a sum total of 123 pictures from the whole trip (and I’m in quite a few!). Proud of me? Awww, shucks…thank you. So rather than give you a play by play of the entire day (because I’m considerate like that) here are a few of my favorite things that happened (in no particular order):

You may notice that Corra is not in either of these pictures. She wasn’t a fan of larger than life characters all up in her business until after they had wandered away…then she was all about the photo op.  Layna on the other hand…she loved them!

This guy is probably my all time favorite thing that happened. Quick tangent: will allow you to make a custom plan and schedule for your Disney trip to any of the parks. We arrived at the park and were there with the rope drop crowd to maximize our day and follow our plan. Around 11:15 my husband (whom I had declared “master of the plan”) realized the plan had fallen apart and was just a handy checklist of what we wanted to do. So he re-evaluated and mathified and made sure that fast passes happened and we accomplished everything and then some. He saved my sanity. No shock there, but the man is my favorite of all the things.


My little sisters came to play with us and it was epic. Churro eating contest to see who could eat a whole churro without licking their lips, tea cups after snarfing a turkey leg (Baylie actually did snarf it), and impromptu flash mob dance parties of three during the parade. Again I say, epic.

This is how we Disneyland in the morning. And this is how we Disneyland at night. Perfect.

Also on my list: Build your own light sabers. Dole whips (not the floats so much, but yes please to the straight stuff). The most amazing fireworks show I have ever seen, hands down (I mean, at one point they made it snow!). Accidentally catching the night time parade from an awesome spot. Corn dogs. Learning that my six year old princess loves roller coasters (especially the second time round). Watching Disneyland grow larger and more magical as I looked at my kids’ eyes get bigger with every step.

Suppose this means I have to start packing for real, huh?

ps. Waiting for Garyn to build his light saber, I told Corra we were going to go to the Matterhorn Mountain. She was so excited and she squeaked, “me hug it?!” and then “me knock it down?!?!” I told her, “No baby, you are still a little too small to knock down the mountain.” Then she said, “Daddy?” — “nope” — “DooDa, NoMi, Layna?” –“nope” –[thinking hard for a minute] “Goofy?” — “Yes, love, Goofy could totally knock down the Matterhorn” –[big smile].

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