milking a bucket of loose ends.

How’s that for a mash up title? Well this post is going to be somewhat of a mash up too, between the milk bucket adventures and the loose ends that we’ve been busy tying up. A week from tomorrow I’ll be finding a spot for this lovely:


This is the orchid that decided my kitchen counter would be a perfect place to continue living for 2 whole years. When the husband guy gave me it for Valentine’s Day two years ago I was worried I was going to kill it…but no. My thumb, while not fully green, is no longer a ghastly shade of black. I might carry it on my lap the whole 36ish hour drive just to make sure it survives the move.


This awesomeness will be going on the side of my new refrigerator. Waiting to see how it would look finished was beyond me.

But yes. One week from tomorrow we will be there and there will be plenty of time for all that mess after we are done here. We’ve been gallivanting and savoring and milk bucket listing.

We love The High Roller. As soon as we stepped off of it January 2015, the munchkins have been asking when we could go back. There isn’t a huge observation-Ferris wheel-on-crack any where in North Carolina so I felt ok adding it to the list.


Even though we didn’t have it all to ourselves, Little Man still said, “That was the best thing EVER!!!” The girls concurred with a few less exclamation points.

Seeing The BFG at The Smith Center and Garyn the night he received his Bear in Cub Scouts. We also went to The Springs Preserve and the Bellagio to see the Chinese New Year décor in the conservatory, but I didn’t get great pictures. There were a few missed items on the list: ice skating and bowling. I have assured my oldest two that there are indeed rinks and alleys in North Carolina and we will find them.

There is nothing like moving to show you how wrong you were when you thought you had a handle on life. Holes in my Moving Plan are going to be frantically patched over between now and Saturday morning (I’ve decided it’s ok to have 5 big boxes designated with the dubious “Misc.” because I couldn’t get my house all the way organized before I started packing). A replacement DVD player has been ordered and will be rushed here because I forgot to check the one we bought a la Craigslist which doesn’t actually read DVDs. Saying goodbye has started in earnest and I’m doing ok…better and worse than expected depending on the minute you happen to ask.

To sum up: the milk bucket list is done and checked off, loose ends are slowly but surely vanishing, and researching dairy cows and stalking craigslist postings for said bovines has saved my sanity in a big way. It’s not weird if we buy baby chicks before we get a washer and dryer, right? Oh good. I was worried.






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