A few months ago I stopped blogging because I couldn’t really figure out what I wanted to write about. Now I find myself pushing off posts because…well…life, but also there is so much going on I can’t choose just one thing! It’s a refreshing problem to have and I’m not complaining. I guess you just need to brace yourself for a series of scattered mash-up posts that are more stream of consciousness spewing than anything. Ok. Now that you’re braced…


We have a carport that is the south east version of a garage. Ours was housing this junk and I had a full dining room and storage space upstairs that had even more junk. And while it is junk, it’s not junk I want exposed to the elements so we had to think of something. A shed was the obvious choice, but those are expensive not to mention the previous owners left a stack of fence panels in the back lot just begging to be repurposed and given new life.

The unfortunate thing for our kids is that they tend to fall in love with the unfinished projects. This nifty play house was destined to be enclosed and filled with camping gear, tools and other randomness, but they took advantage while they could. Little man is his dad’s shadow and right hand hammer man. Say that five times fast!

Tom Sawyer doesn’t have a thing on me and Naomi still has paint in her hair, two weeks later…


Paint, shingles, and junk later…we have a finished shed. Well mostly. I have yet to paint the middle of the outside wall and so I’ve put off taking an official “after” picture. This is the closest thing I have and I can’t put off this dumb post any longer. It actually was a brilliant solution and while there is still much organizing to be done, I have my dining room completely devoid of junk. Can I get an Amen!?




Iron pipe is versatile stuff. Once you use an entire bottle of paint thinner and put three of your four kids to work rubbing off the sticky black protective coating, it is amazing stuff! Neil prefers to stand when he works all day at a computer and buying a standing desk that was big enough for his three monitors (it’s not as weird as it sounds, it’s actually kind of great to work with three screens) was out of our budget. Plus the ones we found were ugly. So…to the internets! turns out a solid core door makes a great desk top. Some beautiful stain, black spray paint and he made a perfect work desk. The best part was that while we waited for Lowes to get the door delivered, the frame was a building support and a jungle gym…it’s still a jungle gym but we’re working on that. ahem.

Also you know you are a master computer genius man when you have a completely blank keyboard. And you know you married the right woman when she can type on it no problem when none of your coworkers could without whining. I win all the things.

Outside is my favorite right now. On our back lot was this dilapidated bird house. On a whim I checked it and found these…Squee! And there was the bald eagle we saw yesterday and the millipede two days ago and and and…like I said. My favorite.

The heavens shone forth and fourteen cubic yards of garden dirt was delivered. And there was much rejoicing.

Serious rejoicing. She calls it “my mountain.”

The natural state of baby hands and feet plus my current manicure. I call it “FarmGirl.”

North Carolina thought I might miss the desert, so it made sure I have a cactus in my woods…and yeah I’m sometimes a few short.

P.s. Chickens and their tractor are next!




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3 responses to “decisions

  1. Garth W. McGuire

    Enjoyed the blog. Lots goes on when there has been a move clear cross country. Enjoy the experience.

  2. Ahhhh, so there’s my cactus! 🙂 I love the shed…now that was a seriously awesome idea! Keep posting, ’cause you know that I’m living vicariously through you! Love and miss your family.

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