Lest you erroneously think that we never leave our idyllic life on the farm (we have zucchini and pickles and blackberries [SQUEE!!!] and it’s true that we don’t leave often, but more on harvest later), I thought it was about time I shared pictures from one of our recent outings.

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Science came with a high recommendation, and so when we needed to kill time waiting for daddy to come home from a cross country road trip, we packed a lunch and headed north. School for the day: check. I was not disappointed. And that statement doesn’t really mean all that much.

To give some context to the ease with which I’m pleased, you have to understand that I grew up in a town where 1) culture was a secondary commodity and when competing with sex and gambling it kind of lost and 2) anything of substance (unless it could really turn a major profit a la The Bellagio Art Gallery or the Cirque de Soleil shows) was just done on a small volunteer/donation type scale. The natural history exhibit I was used to had one floor and the highlight was a animatronic T-Rex that turned it’s head when you pushed a button. This museum beat the pants off that poor T-Rex.

Not that this museum didn’t have a T-Rex…it just also had a few full sized whale skeletons…

and a room with flying pteranodons. “Dinosaur Train” is the show du jour for my little girls. I mean, I know it’s a big deal when it will induce Layna to actually use more than two syllables all together. On purpose! Voluntarily! (“Joo-joo een” incase you were wondering which syllables, her version of choo-choo train I think). So they were mesmerized watching “real” ones circle around.

See? Mesmerized.

I kind of slacked off with picture taking when we explored the three floors of North Carolina habitat recreations, but man we moved to a cool state. We also beat the field trip rush lunching at the café.

We ended our day with a 3-D movie about Antarctica. It was really well done and I’m excited that my littles did so well. Next up is one about chipmunks called “Tiny Giants.” I’m guessing that one will be even more well received than one that mostly featured floating chunks of ice, ha!  Oh. And I’d appreciate someone telling me how my somewhat sheltered six year old learned about duck lips??? That girl. Love her, and she will probably be the death of me.


Can’t wait to head back to this awesome place. First off though we will be heading to the beach this weekend to experience all the fuss about the Atlantic Ocean for ourselves. [Squee again!]


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