Sick of pickled veggies yet? Ok, fine. This is the last one then we will recap birthday celebrations and momentous milestones.

I love this recipe because it’s a lot of purple, it’s the easiest because it is raw packed, and the end product is the perfect supporting character in any salad performance. Did I mention the purple?


Red onions are an interesting beastie. They are super intense (I would say more so than normal yellow onions) so recipes using them raw usually include steps to mellow them out. In this recipe they are lightly cooked and that mellows them out. When you actually eat them, you don’t get kicked in the face with sulfur. On a big, slobbery burger they can’t steal the show, but a demure salad is much more apt to be steamrollered by this lovely purple. Hence the beauty of taming them a bit.


We use some standard warming spices: cloves, black pepper and bay leaves. But it really is a simple flavor profile.

raw pack

Any recipe that doesn’t include the cooking of the veggies or fruit first makes me happy because it is one less step to worry about. That means less time overall, which means fitting it in before breakfast. Slice, stuff, pour in boiling brine. Done. [fist bump for super productive start to a day.]


And done. It’s best to let them chill out and age for a few days - a few weeks before you crack into them. I am being so patient, but come the official start of BBQ season…all bets are off.