So me…huh…alright here goes: I am the mother of a precocious 11-year-old inventor (robotics is going to be his field of specialty…as in me:”This guy likes to dance” – him: “I bet I could build a great dancing robot”), a feisty 8 year old thrill-seeking stable girl in training, a 6 year old house elf that will someday get her way for her way is the best way. There is also a 4 year old shaft of light that rounds out our family to perfection, who also happened to have just discovered Legos (she’s in love). I am the wife of a software architect who daydreams about being a rural lumberjack and expert meat smoker. I am a writer, a budding business owner/accountant, a cheese maker, and lover of growing things. I am a crochet-er (is that a word?) and a piano player or will be those things again eventually. I homeschool, I clean, I write, I clean, I day-dream about things I will make someday, I clean, and I am more or less thoroughly in love with being here. Right here.


3 responses to “About

  1. Raquel Dronenburg

    Do you still raise rabbits? I’m interested in starting to raise rabbits but aren’t sure how they’ll tolerate the desert heat as we just moved to Vegas in August. Any advise is welcome!

    • We were raising them until this past August. We are moving in March and so the had to process some and rehome others. But, I’d be happy to tell you about our experience! Our buns did fine in the heat, I think, largely because they were in a colony were they were on the ground. This let them find the coolest places and the ground always stays cooler than the air. We installed a mist system around the to of the run and that also helped on the worst summer days. A great truck if they have to be raised in cages, is to freeze 2 liter soda bottles fill of water and put a fresh one in with them every morning. They will lay against it and stay nice and cool. We did still loose some to heat but overall you can absolutely raise rabbits here in the desert =)

  2. Joyce Bachelder

    Thanks to your Mom for posting about your blog, such FUN and INSPIRING reading. I am your Grandma’s cousin so am fascinated with your adventures. Keep up the blog, it IS a treasure and will be wonderful for your grandchildren to share. I also love canning, mostly jams that I use as hostess gifts. I garden a lot and also really love quilting. (My first degree was Home Ec. and I still substitute in the middle school homemaking program. Like your Mom and Grandma, teaching runs in our family, three generations of middle school teachers!

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