Once upon a time,

In a land far, far away

There was a very tall mountain.

And in this very tall mountain,

There was a very large cave.

And in this very large cave, there lived…

A dragon.

He was small-ish (for a dragon) and blue-ish.

He loved to read, which is hard when most books are not made for dragons (even a small one).

He also loved to travel, which is easy when you have wings.

He loved taking naps outside in the warm sunshine, which is neither easy nor hard. It is simply delightful.

This dragon was quite happy until…

He heard the Voice.

It was small-ish and red-ish.

At first, the dragon did not hear it,

When he did, It asked his name.

The dragon had to stop and think. Of course he knew what his name was…in Dragon.

Very slowly, the dragon said, “I believe when you say it, it would be,


The Voice was quiet, and then loudly squeaked, “WHAT? That whole big thing is your name?”

“Yes. Dragons love to tell stories so our names are usually very dramatic descriptions of something from a story. My mother has a pretty strong dramatic streak, even for a dragon,” the dragon cheerfully explained.

He waited for the Voice to answer but it was gone.

All day and all night the dragon was eager to talk to the Voice.

After it had vanished the night before, the dragon was surprisingly sad. He loved his life of reading, traveling, and napping.

‘But,’ he thought, ‘it would be very nice to have someone to talk with about books, someone to poke me if I snored, and it would be especially nice to have a traveling buddy.’

While he was busy thinking, the Voice was busy trying to get his attention.

When the dragon finally heard the Voice, he realized it was coming from the floor.

He lay down on his belly, squinched his eyes closed and listened hard.

“Hello!” said a much louder Voice at the end of his nose, “Much easier to talk to you now that your ears are my height.”

The dragon opened his eyes and found himself staring at a small-ish, red-ish lizard.

“Are you the one who asked what my name was last night?” the dragon asked quietly, so as not to topple the lizard with his big, hot breath.

“I am, and I was thinking… I don’t think I can remember that huge, long name, and I don’t think I could say it in Dragon. Can I just call you Bill for short?” the lizard asked looking up.

Bill thought. Yes, he liked this name very much.

Bill answered (still speaking quietly), “Of course you can. But why did you run away so fast?”

The small lizard looked up at the much larger dragon and said bravely, “Well your feet are quite a bit larger than my body and I didn’t want to be stomped. I backed away and fell out the door and down the mountain.”

“I’m sorry I almost stomped you… uh… What is your name?” replied Bill, first sad about almost stomping his new friend and then surprised at not knowing his friend’s name. He had forgotten to ask.

The lizard turned from dark brown-ish, red (like the color of bricks) to bright red-ish, pink (like the color of cinnamon bubble gum).

Then he mumbled, “Twerp.”

Now unfortunately, when a lizard mumbles he might as well have not said anything.

When he realized that Bill had not heard he tried again a bit louder.

“Twerp. It’s a bit embarrassing, but I’m the youngest of 187 brothers and sisters. My parents ran out of names at about 134 and let the older ones name us younger ones.”

He closed his eyes waiting for the laughter to come, but when none did, he peeked out of one eye to see what Bill thought.

Bill had sat up and had the oddest look on his face.

He looked like he was trying to whistle and make a kissy face all at the same time.

After a few more faces (a fish face, a stretchy cross-eyed face, and another kissy face), he gave up.

“You know, uh, Lizard? I don’t think dragon mouths are made to say your name. Can I call you Thurp instead?”

“Yes!” Thurp was thrilled at the idea of escaping his name, and even more thrilled that Bill had not laughed at him.

Bill then asked Thurp about a hundred questions at the same time that Thurp asked Bill about a hundred back.

Once they stopped asking at the same time, and got some answering in also, they learned some very interesting things:

Bill learned that Thurp gets cold easily (being a lizard and all), which is why he wanted to live near a fire-breathing dragon.

Thurp learned that Bill bakes the best pumpkin chocolate chip cookies ever, which Bill offered to him as they talked.

They both learned that they wanted to go adventuring, but both thought that having a friend along would be a lot more fun and make the adventures a lot less scary.

They both also learned that going on adventures would be easier if Thurp just lived with Bill in the very large cave.

Mostly though, they just enjoyed chatting over cookies and planning their first big adventure.

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