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a perk

The holiday displays at the Bellagio Hotel are a deffinate perk of living in Las Vegas.  One upside of the gaming industry I guess…lots of money for hotels to thow at holiday decorations. Last night we took the kids and it was awesome.

Smiles all around. Garyn was even so wide-eyed when we got there that he fell into the poinsettas because he was walking backward staring at the huge mirror-covered stars hanging from the ceiling. Layna was digging all the lights and Naomi loved the moving penguins. Garyn’s favorite was the train. of course. like every year. do boys ever grow out of trains/cars/trucks?

Luckily I was there to keep Neil from giving into Garyn’s request that he touch “the loopy fountains” (leaping water jets that go over the walkway).


Have to say…little little girl loves her daddy. She only took a break from looking at the lights long enough to smile and giggle at him. All in All a great memory to add to the list. I love that Garyn was old enough to remember last year…made him even more excited. And can you believe less than 2 weeks till Christmas!?


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