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Jacob T. Marley

I loved this book! First off, something you should know about me is that I’m a sucker for back story. It is a brave patient person who will start watching a TV series with me because I won’t do it unless we watch every episode in order (luckily Dr. Who didn’t have as many seasons as any Star Trek show, it gives me hope for catching up and seeing all of it). I hate feeling like there is somehing I missed. So the fact that the whole book is back story and then some was a huge point in its favor. Second, I think he did a good job mimicking Charles Dickens. Admitedly, he was replicating a simpler style than, Idon’tknow, Dickens in Tale of Two Cities…what a nightmare that would be to match! It was a simple read, a well told story and more than anything it was an interesting take on what man’s life is really for. That we are here to serve each other, and the real Hell is a full knowledge of all the good you might have done. My friends were bugged that a lifetime of cruelty and heartless avarice and pride was redeemed with a moment of genuine remorse and forgiveness, but I buy that. I think that is possible. I mean if it isn’t, where would the line be drawn. ok now you’ve felt bad enough to be good to go, but two senconds ago you were a bit short. I think it is a much more hopeful message that a life can be turned in a single epic instant or a life time of subtle guidence. The book made me smile and I think next year I’ll read this and A Christmas Carol together. Not sure which one I’ll read first…


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