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This was a big one

The thing that hit me hardest about this birthday, was the reminder that she is learning she is a girl who will one day be a woman. She is exploring femininity and what a lost skill and art being feminine is. She swished her hips to make her dress make sound not because she wanted to pretend at being sexy. She did it because there’s nothing girly-er than swishing a new dress while you wear your mom’s pearls. There was a profound lesson here for me. To focus more on being feminine and less on being sexy. Sexy is great and fun but it requires someone else and, therefore, is essentially out of our control. I can be perfectly, beautifully feminine when I’m alone in a room and it’s a gift I can give myself. Its an acknowledgement of my inherent beauty as a woman that is there whether someone is looking at me or not. Hmmm. I need to stash these musings away and really dive in deep…sometime in the next 8 years before she really starts terrifying me.

My Naomi (aka: Naynay, Nays, Yeomi, Naybean, Naynay girl, Nay) turned 8 this year. This is a big deal for a few reasons…It meant she had the chance to choose to be baptized and become a member of our church. We are Mormons or Latter Day Saints (belonging to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) and eight is the age when a person is capable of making promises with the Lord and is capable of honoring those promises. She did great and it was so cool to experience this with her. It’s a first step in a life long journey.

Grateful for this stud who is an amazing father to my children. Can I say how much I love that he gets really choked up sharing spiritual moments with his kids? Seriously one of my favorite things about this man is that he cries.

Lots of support from family and friends made this day memorable for her, and totally made my mom heart happy. Also made me happy that her taste in baptism dresses was within my sewing skill level and that she was thrilled with the end result.

Next reason this was a big birthday…She got her ears pierced! I went back and forth but ultimately opted for a tattoo parlor with a professional pierce-er. We were both very pleased with the experience. She was a champ. So brave. She calmly sat with her nervousness and quietly dealt with it. She held my hand and then bounced out of there like it was nothing. Also, luckily, she takes the daily upkeep and maintenance very seriously and has attended to that with much more attention than other areas of personal hygiene ([cough]brushingteeth[cough]).

The trend lately is for the kids to design and decorate their own cakes. This more than anything makes me want to wail, “My babies are growing up!” It wasn’t the ear piercing or leaving cub scouts that made me choke up…no. It was the passing of the cake making baton. I’m just not ready for that!!!


It was a friend birthday party year and after suggestions of a slumber party, fancy dinner at a restaurant, epic barbie play date, star wars…she settled on picking up friends and going to McDonald’s. Then we went to a park for cake, ice cream and presents. It’s like my monkeys sense when I need things to be easy and they magically run with that. They must love me or something. It actually was really cool in it’s simplicity and all involved said it was the best night ever. There’s another lesson here, I just know it.



My mom was in town for the baptism so we took some family pictures to really round out our summer season. Can’t wait to update our gallery wall and my children can relax their sore-from-smiling cheeks until Christmas. Next blog post is an huge (and long over due) farm update, with a very exciting announcement.

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Easter means new clothes!

Ok. I know that isn’t even close to the true meaning of Easter, but in my house growing up, Easter and Christmas were times of fancy new dress outfits, mostly to wear to church. My kids have kind of gotten gypped at Easter time. Not this year! This year Little little girl got the perfect Easter dress for her birthday and I was inspired! We went to Joann’s and there was even more inspiration wrapped around a bolt in the quilting section for Little girl! Little man’s outfit was a no brainer because I love little boys in vests! But Alas! (I’m done with exclamation points just in case you were feeling anxiety for the rest of this post.) He squashed my glorious color matching plans, by having an aversion to pink. Boys, man. Sigh.

IMG_5651  IMG_5677

Layna received this dress and it spoke to me. You know, stories of overwhelming cuteness and sibling color coordination.

IMG_5660  IMG_5654

IMG_5658  IMG_5663

The Plan was to make Garyn a green vest and hot pink tie. Nope. But hey, choosing battles is what motherhood is all about. Although he did win the Battle of the Mohawk…hmmmm… Naomi’s dress was a very similar one to her Christmas dress from 2 years ago, and as it was ginormous on her then, I knew the size would be perfect (if a bit short) for her now.


More Easter and Daddy’s birthday and Spring Break (happens here in homeschool land too) and probably farm stuff coming soon. Hope Easter was beautiful and that you got to remember the very real significance of this holiday. While wearing spiffy new duds. And eating the true candy of Easter…the Starburst jelly bean.

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Take that, Pintrest!

I don’t have anything against Pinterest. I just think that women everywhere are creative enough to solve their own problems projects and I take pride in knowing that these (albeit simple and non-fancy) came out of my own head. And perhaps my reluctance to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon is less snobbiness and more a foreboding that if I start I will not stop and 3 kids, 3 goats, 2 cats, and one Husband guy might not eat or have clean clothes (well not the goats and the cats) for the next…well…forever. Dang you crafty people and your pins!

This was going to be a lot more involved than just cutting them off at the rips, I promise. But then the Huckleberry Finn look started to grow on me. And lest you be concerned, this is the least of all the projects. It isn’t really even a project… I just like my handsome boy and how happy he was to have his pants back.

Take this. Add one onsie, exactely two seams, and a camera loving model and you get this:


(Please note the dainty, princess-like holding of the dress. Thank you.)

At the fabric store the kids were running their hands over the crazy soft blanket material. Garyn saw red and begged for a new blanket. It wasn’t until he found T-Rex’s saying “Raaaahhh!” that I gave in an made him a blanket. He is really easy to please and I had been making a lot of stuff for the girls and the house. It kind of was his turn. And it is his two favorite things in the whole world. So there you have it.

Last but not least (and not finished) is the rug I’m chrocheting for the kitchen. My mom made these years ago and I love how it looks and feels. It is all the colors in my kitchen and its nice to have a crochet project in which lots of progress can be made in very little time.

Seperate they are kind of weird fabric patterns (I do love the one on the right) but ripped up and crocheted with some solid colors and it looks like this:


Ok so I didn’t make this one. But I was the mastermind behind it. Kind of. I saw something like this on a website called Ana-white. I told Neil about it and we had an old pallet sitting in the yard. So salvage some wood, use cut up Ikea shelf planks for the bottom, throw on some nifty brass casters and…

a very cool aged looking crate on wheels to store bags of cat food and litter. Naomi can take care of feeding the cats easily (one of her jobs) and I don’t have ugly bags on my kitchen floor anymore. Hooray!

As a side note: I kind of think it’s funny that the two things most in fashion right now are super-ultra-modern-clean-and-new looking or aged-beatup-vintage-weathered-old fashioned. Not a whole lot in between. Well heres to old repurposed to new in order to look old!

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ambitious; have sewing machine; will travel

It was an ambitous sewing season for me. It was my year to do Pj’s (Santa’s Elves buy do Pj’s on my off years. If we trade off then we all get to maintain our sanity…elves are considerate that way). I also decided that since I have two girls they needed matching Christmas outfits for church, and it would be easy for Garyn to match his sisters, and if I worked it right Neil and I could match the kids and it would be awesome! Nevermind that it would mean me making two dresses, a vest, fixing a bow tie, and coordinating colors such that I wouldn’t have to buy anything for us grown-ups.

Well this is what I  ended up with: Night Shirt for little man and a Night Gown for little girl. (Little little girl had to make do with hand-me-down 18month?! jammas because I ran out of time.)

Don’t judge me too harshly when I say that their Christmas outfits for church ROCKED!!! I’m really pleased with how everything turned out, and most of it was the material I chose. Made me happy just to look at it.

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