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This was a big one

The thing that hit me hardest about this birthday, was the reminder that she is learning she is a girl who will one day be a woman. She is exploring femininity and what a lost skill and art being feminine is. She swished her hips to make her dress make sound not because she wanted to pretend at being sexy. She did it because there’s nothing girly-er than swishing a new dress while you wear your mom’s pearls. There was a profound lesson here for me. To focus more on being feminine and less on being sexy. Sexy is great and fun but it requires someone else and, therefore, is essentially out of our control. I can be perfectly, beautifully feminine when I’m alone in a room and it’s a gift I can give myself. Its an acknowledgement of my inherent beauty as a woman that is there whether someone is looking at me or not. Hmmm. I need to stash these musings away and really dive in deep…sometime in the next 8 years before she really starts terrifying me.

My Naomi (aka: Naynay, Nays, Yeomi, Naybean, Naynay girl, Nay) turned 8 this year. This is a big deal for a few reasons…It meant she had the chance to choose to be baptized and become a member of our church. We are Mormons or Latter Day Saints (belonging to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) and eight is the age when a person is capable of making promises with the Lord and is capable of honoring those promises. She did great and it was so cool to experience this with her. It’s a first step in a life long journey.

Grateful for this stud who is an amazing father to my children. Can I say how much I love that he gets really choked up sharing spiritual moments with his kids? Seriously one of my favorite things about this man is that he cries.

Lots of support from family and friends made this day memorable for her, and totally made my mom heart happy. Also made me happy that her taste in baptism dresses was within my sewing skill level and that she was thrilled with the end result.

Next reason this was a big birthday…She got her ears pierced! I went back and forth but ultimately opted for a tattoo parlor with a professional pierce-er. We were both very pleased with the experience. She was a champ. So brave. She calmly sat with her nervousness and quietly dealt with it. She held my hand and then bounced out of there like it was nothing. Also, luckily, she takes the daily upkeep and maintenance very seriously and has attended to that with much more attention than other areas of personal hygiene ([cough]brushingteeth[cough]).

The trend lately is for the kids to design and decorate their own cakes. This more than anything makes me want to wail, “My babies are growing up!” It wasn’t the ear piercing or leaving cub scouts that made me choke up…no. It was the passing of the cake making baton. I’m just not ready for that!!!


It was a friend birthday party year and after suggestions of a slumber party, fancy dinner at a restaurant, epic barbie play date, star wars…she settled on picking up friends and going to McDonald’s. Then we went to a park for cake, ice cream and presents. It’s like my monkeys sense when I need things to be easy and they magically run with that. They must love me or something. It actually was really cool in it’s simplicity and all involved said it was the best night ever. There’s another lesson here, I just know it.



My mom was in town for the baptism so we took some family pictures to really round out our summer season. Can’t wait to update our gallery wall and my children can relax their sore-from-smiling cheeks until Christmas. Next blog post is an huge (and long over due) farm update, with a very exciting announcement.

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Coco Shea

She doesn’t pronounce her R’s correctly (so her name sounds like “Co-wa”) and she calls her leotard (which she very solemnly dons whenever she decides it’s time for an impromptu ballet class in the living room with Mommy) a “lelotalla.” Yesterday while the kids were playing before bedtime I heard her exasperated little voice say, “I’m always the princess! I never get to be the dragon!” I’m pretty sure I’m doing something right…

My baby turned four the middle of August and it is good. She is currently fascinated with hearing all the details of all of the kids birth stories (her favorite thing ever is when I talk about my water breaking and how it felt like I peed my pants) and in the telling and re-telling I don’t find myself longing for babies. Corra is now without a doubt a little kid, not even a toddler anymore, and it’s good. I’ve savored each stage so completely and I feel so peaceful about our decision to be done at baby #4, that there isn’t even a twinge of sadness at her growing up. I marvel every day at her beauty and her passion for life. Like I’ve said before, she filled a hole in my heart that I didn’t even know was there…and to think I cried the day we found out she wasn’t a boy. Good thing the Good Lord knows how to do this whole life thing way better than I do.

Corra’s favorite color is not pink. And the indignation comes out in full force should one even suggest it…luckily this barbie has blue (the actual favorite color) hair which made it possible for us to overlook the pink shirt. We had the hardest time nailing down specifics for her first friend birthday and at this point I don’t even remember how we landed on a barbie dress cake…Her Halloween costume will probably be made day of (right now we’ve gone through Merida, an alligator, the pirate fairy, and a dragon).

I did my best to distract from the pink with as much blue frosting as I could manage and have it still look like a fancy dress. We declared victory and the birthday girl was happy. Someday I might just even get an actual cake platter instead of just using dinner plates…maybe.


Again, not sure how we arrived at a princess and knight theme…but we did and everyone came dressed up and ready for revelry. Garyn and Naomi graciously volunteered to be evil dragons. [as a side note: I love that these little girls are helping Garyn grow up slow. He still enjoys My Little Pony, gives me squeezes unasked for through out the day, especially when Layna closes the car door on my finger, and is willing to drop everything to play with his sisters. Sometimes I worry that he is acting too young, that he should be moving beyond childish things. Quickly I’m reminded that all too soon he will move on and just because other kids get hustled right through childhood, doesn’t mean it’s right or better.]

They built a “castle” and had a balloon free for all. Garyn ended up not being the only big brother there so he, Charlie, and Naomi made sure that no balloons went un-bopped into the air.


The princesses played pin the Kiss On the Frog. Neil flew home from a work trip to Las Vegas the morning of the party so he wasn’t here to work his graphic design magic and make me a huge frog, but we made due.


Our knights played pin the Dragon On the Shield. Naturally.


Cake and Ice Cream. I’m pretty sure more than half the cake went to chickens but I just needed pictures, which I got. Our animals sure do love the combination of birthdays plus me trying weird cake recipes that kids may or may not approve of. Also Corra had her first hair cut so her hair is now just above shoulder length. It really suits her and she couldn’t be happier with it, but I’ll confess…I cried after she went to bed. I can’t wait for the curls to grow back.

Presents and more balloon frolics and we proverbially dropped the mic on year number three. She is already planning all the delightful things that will happen when she turns five.

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4 and all Tangled up

My Little girl turned 4 yesterday. I know that as a mother I shouldn’t have favorites but I think she is definitely my favorite 4 year old. The way her mind works continually makes me giggle and scratch my head in confusion. But she gives great hugs and kisses to help offset when she is being a holy terror. Since this was her first friend birthday party, and I…you know…just had a baby… I made her pick a theme early on and forced encouraged her to stick with it. Tangled it was! If you have not seen this movie, I have no words. Go see it!

IMG_6816  IMG_6817

Invitations were a little purple flag with a card sewn on the back. Making the stencil for the sun probably could have been done in a simpler, more straight forward way; but I was tired and it turned out fine, so unnecessarily complicated doesn’t matter.

IMG_6828  IMG_6831

I hung up purple pennant flags over the doors and windows and as a side note this party really made happy since my most favoritest colors in the whole wide world are purple and yellow. The decorations may or may not stay up months longer than necessary. Our first activity was finger painting since Rapunzel loves to paint and oddly enough Naomi stuck with it longer than any of the other kids. It surprised me because she isn’t a big color-er with crayons. Apparently finger paints are her medium of choice.

IMG_6834  IMG_6840

Then the kids did battle, armed with frying pans, against the Stabbington Brothers and Mother Gothel. The frying pans were paint stir sticks spray painted black then hot glued onto a pie pan. All the balloons had a face taped onto it to make it legit. It will be a sad day when my kids out grow smacking balloons around as an actual activity.


IMG_6861  IMG_6849

Next up was pin the nose on Flynn Rider. They had fun but Layna surprised me. I wasn’t even thinking that she would be aware of a game taking place or that she would want to join in. However, she corrected me. She insisted, not only on playing the game, but playing it like the big kids…complete with blind fold and being spun around. I love my little little girl and am always grateful when she more than surpasses my expectations.


So I completely ran out of time for everything with the party. There were so many things that I wanted to do but I just didn’t get to it because I misjudged time something fierce. The cake in my head was glorious and complicated. Ain’t no body got time for that! Sorry.  Couldn’t help it.  This cake was fine and the cop-out figurine that is an actual toy made it so all was forgiven.


IMG_6881  IMG_6877

I love ironic mom moments where you find yourself saying things you either 1) never thought you would say (“yes, a tyrannosaurus rex in your diaper must be uncomfortable”) or 2) never really should say (“Please stop playing and eat your cake and ice cream!”)

IMG_6907  IMG_6903

After cake it was presents and playing with said presents. After years of wondering if my daughter was pathologically anti-social (nope, turned out she was just two and acting her age) it is really fun to see her playing with other cute little girls her age. I think that was my favorite part of the whole affair.

Yesterday, on her actual birthday, we had a nice dinner at Grandma’s house. Since the birthday boy/girl gets to pick the menu, I asked Naomi what she wanted. She wanted what we had on labor day so I said she had to pick something different. She said, “Meat!” At that point I took over, but that’s my little carnivore. Love my favorite four year old!

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