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Take that, Pintrest!

I don’t have anything against Pinterest. I just think that women everywhere are creative enough to solve their own problems projects and I take pride in knowing that these (albeit simple and non-fancy) came out of my own head. And perhaps my reluctance to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon is less snobbiness and more a foreboding that if I start I will not stop and 3 kids, 3 goats, 2 cats, and one Husband guy might not eat or have clean clothes (well not the goats and the cats) for the next…well…forever. Dang you crafty people and your pins!

This was going to be a lot more involved than just cutting them off at the rips, I promise. But then the Huckleberry Finn look started to grow on me. And lest you be concerned, this is the least of all the projects. It isn’t really even a project… I just like my handsome boy and how happy he was to have his pants back.

Take this. Add one onsie, exactely two seams, and a camera loving model and you get this:


(Please note the dainty, princess-like holding of the dress. Thank you.)

At the fabric store the kids were running their hands over the crazy soft blanket material. Garyn saw red and begged for a new blanket. It wasn’t until he found T-Rex’s saying “Raaaahhh!” that I gave in an made him a blanket. He is really easy to please and I had been making a lot of stuff for the girls and the house. It kind of was his turn. And it is his two favorite things in the whole world. So there you have it.

Last but not least (and not finished) is the rug I’m chrocheting for the kitchen. My mom made these years ago and I love how it looks and feels. It is all the colors in my kitchen and its nice to have a crochet project in which lots of progress can be made in very little time.

Seperate they are kind of weird fabric patterns (I do love the one on the right) but ripped up and crocheted with some solid colors and it looks like this:


Ok so I didn’t make this one. But I was the mastermind behind it. Kind of. I saw something like this on a website called Ana-white. I told Neil about it and we had an old pallet sitting in the yard. So salvage some wood, use cut up Ikea shelf planks for the bottom, throw on some nifty brass casters and…

a very cool aged looking crate on wheels to store bags of cat food and litter. Naomi can take care of feeding the cats easily (one of her jobs) and I don’t have ugly bags on my kitchen floor anymore. Hooray!

As a side note: I kind of think it’s funny that the two things most in fashion right now are super-ultra-modern-clean-and-new looking or aged-beatup-vintage-weathered-old fashioned. Not a whole lot in between. Well heres to old repurposed to new in order to look old!

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