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Robot cake

I asked what he wanted on his birthday cake since there was no party to dictate theme. He said a two layer robot cake with the top layer smaller than the bottom layer and a robot toy on the top that could be one of his birthday presents and he wanted Funfetti cake with maple frosting in the middle. Because Little man obviously has a hard time with decisions and details…riiightt…. Once he saw pictures of robot cakes he changed his mind to an edible fondant robot on top (which I “accidently” threw away before he could eat it because 1) fondant, even home made, is nasty and 2) I’m a mean mother).

IMG_6691  IMG_6698

Night before and All finished. So around 10:00 pm the night before his birthday, it dawned on me that a solid chunk of fondant would sink into the cake because it’s so stinkin heavy. I called my amazing husband guy who was back at Wal-Mart for the second time that night to buy an new inner tube for the birthday boy’s new bike because the puncture-proofing slime stuff broke the first one. He graciously picked up a box of rice crispy treats. Which we are still trying to finish before the baby comes and I go on a health food kick. Did I mention that tangents are my friends lately?



I needed this cake to be really, really easy, so I did what I did for his Lightning McQueen cake. I got white sugar paper and I drew on it with edible markers. Then I just wrapped it around the bottom of the cake and it worked out really well.



Overall, if you could get past the fact that I didn’t read the labels and put a bit of peppermint extract in the filling instead of almond… And if you didn’t mind the fact that I forgot that one cake mix really only make 1 decent 9″ round cake instead of two leaving you with a very short cake… And if the fact that two little sisters poked the cake escaped your notice…then this cake was a success. Little man loved it so really, that’s all that matters. Maybe someday I’ll let him be his father’s son and eat fondant decorations.

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